Criminal Division


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The Criminal Division is responsible for prosecution of criminal violations of Michigan Law and the ordinances of the University of Michigan.

The Criminal Division Assistant Prosecutors are also responsible for the following:

  • Prosecute as formal hearings on civil infraction tickets written under the Michigan Motor Vehicle Code
  • Provide legal advice to area police agencies regarding pending investigations
  • Assist in the preparation and review of search warrants
  • Obtain investigative subpoenas and conduct investigative depositions to assist in felony investigations
  • Review concealed weapon permit applications and report to the Concealed Weapons Licensing Board
  • Serve on numerous boards and commissions to promote improvements to public safety and justice services in Washtenaw County
  • Respond to inquiries and requests for service from citizens and other government agencies
  • Provide legal training to area police officers

Sub-Unit Functions

The Criminal Division includes the following sub-unit functions:

  • Circuit Court: Provides prosecution services on felony cases from preliminary examination through sentencing
  • Criminal Sexual Conduct: Provides comprehensive prosecution services on sex crime cases, including dedicated warrant review, services to victims, and vertical prosecution allowing the victim of a sex crime to work with the same assistant prosecutor through and the final adjudication of the offender
  • District Court: Provides prosecution services on state law misdemeanor cases and traffic tickets
  • Domestic Violence: Provides prosecution services, including dedicated warrant review and victim services, on misdemeanor domestic violence cases
  • Preliminary Examinations: Provides prosecution services on felony cases from charging through preliminary examination (probable cause hearing) stage
  • Warrant Review: Provides review of requests for criminal prosecution submitted by area police agencies

Victim Services

The Criminal Division places great emphasis on victim services and the aggressive prosecution of violent crimes.


If you have any questions please email the Prosecutor's Office.

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