Kennel Licensing

A kennel is an establishment where 3 or more dogs are confined and kept for sale, boarding, breeding or training purposes. To apply for a kennel license:

  • Contact your local city or township supervisor to obtain a zoning approval for the kennel.
  • Call the Washtenaw County Sheriff's Department at 734-994-2911 ex.8 (non-emergency dispatch) to schedule a kennel inspection. The animal control officer will inspect your kennel site and issue an inspection certificate.
  • Bring the kennel inspection certificate and local zoning approval to the County Treasurer's Office along with payment for the license.


The fees, as set forth in the Dog Law of 1919 as amended, are as follows:

  • $10 for kennels of 10 dogs or less*
  • $25 for unlimited kennels*

*The fee for Kennel Licenses renewed after June 1st are doubled.


Kennel Licenses are good for June 1 - May 31 beginning the year in which they are issued. Renewals will follow the same procedure as new kennels. 

Any licenses not renewed before June 1st are considered delinquent and their associated fees are doubled. Kennel licenses are only available at the County Treasurer's Office for all of Washtenaw County.

Kennel License Frequently Asked Questions

Kennel License Application