Emergency Services/911

The Emergency Services Division provides leadership for two critical public safety functions: Emergency Operations and Metro Dispatch. Although these two units operate independently, they work collaboratively during crisis situations in the community to coordinate the overall response.

The Emergency Services Communication Center (ESCC) is designed to provide optimal space and environment within which the Sheriff’s Office can safely, securely, and successfully deliver coordinated/integrated planning, mitigation, response, recovery, and emergency 9-1-1 communication and support services without interruption.  The ESCC includes the Emergency Operations Center (EOC), where designated officials meet during escalating or declared community emergencies, the Emergency Communications Center (ECC), where division staff and trained volunteers coordinate radio communications and initiate public warnings, and the 9-1-1 emergency dispatch center.

Metro Dispatch and Emergency Management form the County’s most fundamental public safety emergency response services. Critical services support the successful delivery of other key county services as well, including human and environmental services. In doing so, they provide a safe and secure environment in Washtenaw County for individuals to live, work, recreate, and travel through.

Emergency Management

The Emergency Services Division is responsible for comprehensively planning for, responding to, and recovering from large-scale emergencies and disasters that impact Washtenaw County.  We alert and notify appropriate agencies when disaster strikes, coordinate all agencies that respond, ensure resources are available and mobilized, develop plans and procedures for responding to and recovering from disasters, and develop and provide preparedness materials for the public.

911 Dispatch

Washtenaw Metro Dispatch is a consolidated Emergency Communications Center that serves as the primary Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) for the county.  Metro Dispatch provides direct dispatch services for ten law enforcement agencies and coordinates emergency and non-emergency public safety response throughout the county. The communications center is operational 24/7, and staff answer emergency 911 and non-emergency police-related calls.  Highly trained 911 dispatchers act as Washtenaw County’s first, first responders, providing citizens with critical pre-arrival safety instruction while simultaneously managing communications amongst other first responders within the County.