Central Assignment / Scheduling

Central Assignment was developed in 1988 after a court reorganization plan was implemented. The two main functions of the Central Assignment staff are scheduling and Case Evaluation.


All circuit court civil and criminal proceedings are scheduled by Central Assignment staff. Notices for all civil and criminal events are prepared, monitored, and maintained in the automated scheduling and calendaring system. Court calendars are generated and distributed daily.

Case Evaluation

The Trial Court requires all civil cases to go through the State mandated Case Evaluation Program. This program is monitored by a Case Evaluation Committee that consists of (7) attorneys (appointed by the Chief Judge), two Central Assignment staff and the Trial Court Administrator. Evaluators must complete an application (PDF) and be approved by the committee.

Case Evaluation panels consist of three approved attorneys who conduct the evaluations. The goal of the evaluation is to hear all sides of a case by a neutral panel of litigators. Case Evaluation is one of two alternatives to trial in civil cases. Please read the Notice Regarding Case Evaluation (PDF). Case Evaluators, please read the Update for Case Evaluators (PDF).


View the forms frequently required by the Central Assignment Office.


To assume case event scheduling tasks from the individual courts to allow each judge and their staff to focus on caseload management and case specific issues and to simplify and standardize case event scheduling procedures as a means of improving understanding of, and timely access to, the court system.