Court Tech Request

Washtenaw County Trial Court has various courtroom technologies available to assist attorneys and parties. With the exception of the ADA listening devices, a request for courtroom technology must be approved by the Judge / Judicial Staff using this Court Technology Request Form (PDF) at least three business days prior to the date the technology is needed. 

Available Technology

The following outlines the technology currently available:

  1. ADA Assistive Listening Devices are available in all courtrooms for those that are hearing impaired. If possible, please let judicial staff know in advance that you need one of these devices so that it can be brought to the courtroom ahead of your arrival.
  2. Wireless Presentation System - Attorneys and parties may bring in their laptops to wirelessly display evidence on the large displays in the courtroom
  3. Video Conferencing Capabilities 

Process for Scheduling Use of Technology in the Courtroom

All technology use must be tested prior to the hearing date to confirm a smooth presentation at the hearing. The following steps must be taken to use technology in the courtroom on your hearing date:

  1. Complete the Court Technology Request Form (PDF) and have the form signed by the Judge/Judge's staff.
  2. Email the signed form to [email protected] at least three business days prior to the hearing date. In the alternative, the form may be dropped off at Court Administration on the first floor of the courthouse at least three business days prior to the hearing date. Upon receipt of the signed form, you will be contacted by the Court's Information Technology department.
  3. Complete a test of the technology in the courtroom prior to the scheduled hearing date with a member of the Court's Information Technology department.


Any technology provided by the Washtenaw County Trial Court is done as a courtesy and the Court is not responsible for any failure of the equipment or the user’s failure to properly operate the equipment. That being said, the Court will make every effort possible to assist the user with the technology available to make a successful presentation. Users of the equipment should have materials available to alternatively display any evidence needed.