Jail Programs

Jail based programs allow eligible inmates to earn an early release by completing programming in jail. Often, release is contingent upon completion of Public Act 511 aftercare programs in the community. Here is more information on the programs used by Washtenaw County:

In Jail Substance Abuse Treatment Program

Community Corrections manages the funding for an In-Jail Substance Abuse Treatment Program conducted by Dawn Farm, Inc though Public Act 511. Dawn Farm is a Washtenaw County based substance abuse treatment center. The goal of the program is to assist alcoholics and addicts in the journey to achieve lifelong recovery.

In Jail Thinking Matters Program

Thinking Matters is a Cognitive Restructuring program that forces individuals to examine the core attitudes and beliefs that motivate their thinking patterns and dictate their behaviors. It attempts to expose an individual to critical thinking errors that lead them to repeated, illegal, negative, or destructive behaviors. Thinking Matters then challenges individuals to develop new thinking patterns that if successful, over time, will establish new core attitudes and beliefs therefore changing behavior.


The Thinking Matters Program is an intensive 6 to 8 week program that meets twice per week for 2 hours.

Thinking Matters requires regular attendance, group participation, written homework assignments.