Partner Notification

Partner notification services are available to help individuals diagnosed with HIV or other sexually transmitted infections provide information to their partner or partners.

When someone is diagnosed with HIV or another sexually transmitted infection (STI), their sexual partner or partners also need accurate information, testing and support.

Michigan Partner Services Program

The Michigan's Partner Services program assists people diagnosed with HIV and/or other STIs to notify their partner or partners. Partner notification reduces the spread of illness. It is an effective means of identifying, treating and providing counseling individuals who may have been exposed to HIV and/or other STIs.

Services for Individuals Who Test Positive

When an individual in Washtenaw County tests positive for HIV or another STI, the results are reported to the Washtenaw County Health Department. Our staff contacts the diagnosed individual to make sure they are connected to appropriate treatment or care and has accurate information about their infection or infections. Our staff members also discuss ways to prevent transmission of HIV and STIs and answer any questions.

Notifying Partners

If the diagnosed individual would like help contacting a partner or partners that may have been exposed - the Washtenaw County Health Department can help. Our staff will contact the individuals partner or partners and coordinate any recommended testing or medical follow up. Confidentially is maintained. No information about the diagnosed individual is provided when we contact partner(s).

Request Partner Notification Services

If you would like to request partner notification services, we are here to help.