Tether Programs

The Community Corrections Tether Program provides electronic monitoring for both pretrial and sentenced clients. Community Corrections uses several types of tether systems including alcohol monitoring units. Each system has a different function, purpose and fee. Clients ordered to participate in the Community Corrections Tether Program will be responsible for a $25 enrollment fee and any fees associated with the tether unit, random drug screenings or other referred services. Tether clients are required to report regularly to a Supervision Agent and are expected to participate in any other customized referral services.

Tether monitoring equipment
  • MEMS: A visual alcohol monitor that plugs into a land line phone and a power outlet. Analog or digital phone line required.
  • SCRAM: Ankle bracelet that monitors alcohol consumption through the skin and tests an individual 24/7 for alcohol consumption.
  • Conventional: Ankle transmitter that monitors an individual's presence in home. Typically used for individuals ordered "house arrest" or with a specific curfew.
  • GPS: Global Positioning Satellite - A 24/7 portable monitoring system used to ensure continuous supervision. This system uses active tracking and offers a real-time map that reports the offender's every movement.
  • IN HOM: A portable visual alcohol monitor that does not require any type of phone line. Device can be plugged into any standard outlet and comes with a carrying case for easy travel