Juror Responsibilities

Juror's Responsibilities

  • Jurors must be prompt in arriving at the court. A trial cannot begin unless all jurors are present.
  • Jurors must give their undivided attention to the witnesses, attorneys, and proceedings. Remember that the outcome of the case is very important to those concerned.
  • Jurors must not let radio, television, newspaper articles, or other publicity concerning a case effect their decision. A verdict must be based on the evidence presented at trial.
  • Jurors must not discuss the case with friends, relatives, or trial participants. If you are approached about the case, report the incident to the court officer immediately.
  • Jurors must not become involved in independent investigations about the case. When it becomes necessary to inspect a scene, the jury will do so as a group under the court's supervision only.
  • Jurors must be impartial and avoid comments or expressions during the trial that convey feelings about the case.