Participants in a Trial


A jury trial involves many people. Those individuals who are direct participants in courtroom proceedings include the following:

  • Attorneys - participate in trials as advocates for the parties in controversy by presenting their client's case;
  • Court Officer - or bailiff opens court and is responsible for maintaining order and security in the courtroom and protecting the jury form outside interference when they are deliberating.
  • Court Recorder - records and logs all trial proceedings;
  • Judge - will preside over the trial, instructs the jury, make rulings on points of law, and have general charge over the proceedings of the trial and its participants;
  • Parties - in a civil trial are the plaintiff and defendant; in a criminal trial they are the prosecutor (representing the people of the state or local political subdivision), and the defendant (the person charged with the crime);
  • Prosecuting Attorney - is the official representing the state or a local city, township or village in a criminal case or certain civil cases;
  • Witnesses - present testimony under oath concerning what they have seen or know about the facts of the case;