Jury Service General Information


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Washtenaw Trial Court (22nd Circuit and Probate) Schedule

The weekend before your service date, please call 734-222-3354 or visit the Jury Reporting Schedule page. When calling, a recorded message will tell you which juror numbers are to report on Monday morning. If your number is not among those to report, your service is over. Please report promptly at the designated service time. Please do not bring children, relatives or friends with you.

Late arrivals are subject to rescheduling without pay.

Term of Service

22nd Circuit Court Jury Service is a "one week or one trial" term of service. You may be required to report for selection on any number of days during the week of your service date. If you are selected to serve on a trial, you will serve for the duration of that one trial. Average length of a trial is two (2) to five (5) days, although trials can run longer. If you are not selected for a trial during the week of your service date, your service shall be complete.


Jurors should park at the 4th & Washington Parking Structure, 123 E. Washington St. If you are a juror with an over-sized vehicle that cannot park at the 4th/Washington parking structure, please park at the South Ashley street lot located at 305 South Ashley Street. Standard parking rates apply to jurors. Jurors will only be reimbursed for parking expenses if they are selected to serve on a jury.

22nd Jury Map


On occasion, our court receives a report of a resident being contacted by a telephone scam where the caller claims to be from the Washtenaw County Trial Court or the Washtenaw Sheriff's Office and requests money to be wired. Please know that the Washtenaw County Trial Court will not notify jurors by telephone regarding a failure to appear, nor will we ever ask a juror to wire money or purchase pre-paid credit cards to pay a fine.


People entering the courthouse must pass through metal detectors and may be searched. Purses, briefcases, or other containers may also be searched. Weapons are prohibited in the courthouse facility. See court security for more information.


If you are not available on the date scheduled due to an extreme hardship, you may request one postponement. Please view the postponement policy here.


You will be instructed regarding your jury service when you first appear. For general information about serving on a jury, please review this Jury Orientation Video published by the Michigan Judicial Institute.

Although we attempt to make jury service as convenient and efficient as possible, jurors should be advised that there will be times you will spend waiting. If you wish to bring something to occupy your time, feel free to do so.

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