Non-Provided Services

Legal Services or Assistance for Legal Purposes

Correctional Services does not provide legal advice to inmates or assistance with hiring an attorney. Inmates may consult with their attorney through visits or collect calls. They may request a court appointed attorney at court proceedings, or may seek help from family to hire a private attorney.

Personal and Non-Emergency Phone Calls

Inmates are allowed to submit a request via kite to Correctional Services for consideration. Non-emergency requests will be denied. Although, many requests are important, it may not be considered an emergency. If an inmate can not make contact through collect calls, the inmate may utilize the U.S. Mail Service.

Relay Personal Messages to and From Inmate to Family

Personal messages will not be given to inmates. If a family member needs to make contact with an inmate, you have an option to accept a collect call, utilize U.S. Mail Service or schedule a visit. However, if you need to get an emergency message to an inmate, you may contact the Sergeant's Office for consideration.

Provide Recommendations for Sentencing or Court Ordered After-Care

Correctional Services does not provide letters of recommendations for an inmate for sentencing. However, we can provide a letter to the Court stating the classes an inmate has graduated from, or classes the inmate may be participating in.


If a family member is in need of getting an inmate out on a furlough, which is a temporary pass granting an inmate time out of jail to handle important business such as attending a funeral, you must contact the public defender's office to file a motion with the Court.