Educational Programming

GED (Washtenaw Intermediate School District -WISD)

The Sheriff's Office contracts with WISD to provide inmates the opportunity to obtain their GED if they did not complete high school. Participants are screened for eligibility and are added to the program where they are able to learn at their own pace to prepare for GED testing. Participants must pass five tests in order to officially receive their degree.

Duration / Frequency

  • Four days a week
  • Until completion


The Sheriff's Office contracts with WISD to provide specialized programming for inmates who need adult basic educational assistance. Participants who do not meet criteria for the GED class are provided with additional educational support to move toward obtaining their GED through the Pre-GED class.

Computer Literacy & Resume Writing (WISD)

The Sheriff's Office contracts with WISD to provide inmates the opportunity to increase or learn basic computer literacy skills. All participates are exposed to Microsoft Office programs and how to use the Internet. Participants are taught to create their own resumes and cover letters that they may use once out of jail. Resumes and cover letters are saved and giving to the inmate upon release.

Duration / Frequency

  • 5 weeks
  • Twice a week

Literacy Class (Washtenaw Literacy)

Washtenaw Literacy provides training and support in literacy to inmates who are illiterate. participants are screened to assess their level of need and then provided appropriated curriculum. Correctional Services provides interns when available to work with Washtenaw Literacy as added tutors for the program. Participants who are enrolled in the Pre-GED class may work with Washtenaw Literacy for tutoring and support.

Duration / Frequency

  • Ongoing
  • Once a week

Family Book Club (Non-Profit Organization)

The Family Book club was founded in 1991 to promote learning and loving reading at all ages. This program provides incarcerated parents and caregivers the opportunity to promote literacy among their children. Family book club staff provides multicultural literature that the book and the recording of their reading are then sent to their child free of charge. Children are provided with the gift of reading and emotional bonding experience with their incarcerated parent of caregiver. This program is offered to participants housed in J Block, the Women's Unit and Trustees.

Duration / Frequency

  • Once a week
  • Open to new participants every week