Pollution Prevention Program Policies

The purpose of these policies is to ensure that all businesses are fairly regulated, while at the same time assuring a high level of environmental protection.                    

Battery Policy

The following policy addresses three situations involving batteries and will provide consistency when calculating inspection fees:

Stationary Batteries for Emergency Power

These batteries are typically stored in banks of 24 to 48 affixed in a rack.  the batteries contain small volumes of electrolytes, and the total amount of solution in a bank ranges from 72 to 240 gallons.  Since the batteries are stationary in a rack, and electrolytes are added in place, they are essentially bulk tanks.  Consequently, these batteries will be treated as bulk tanks in the calculation of inspection fees.

Batteries for Electrically Powered Fork Lifts & Related Vehicles

These batteries range in volume up to 150 gallons and are rechargeable.  Reserve batteries are generally kept in a designated storage and recharge area.  Batteries are moved about and replaced frequently, generally with mechanical assistance.  Since the batteries are moved on a routine basis, they are not considered bulk tanks.  Consequently, inspection fees will be applied to the stock of reserve batteries, but not to those that are on lift trucks.

Automotive Batteries

Since these batteries contain small quantities (less than five gallons) of electrolytes, they will be considered as retail items if they are stored for sale to the ultimate consumer.  Similarly, battery cores held for shipment to a recycler (ultimate consumer) will be considered retail.  Automotive batteries will only be used in inspection fee calculations if they are warehoused for distribution to retailers or wholesalers.  (Note:  Although the automotive batteries will generally be considered retail, we can still address storage a s risk and liability issue.)

Heating Fuel Policy

Properly contained and located fuel tanks for the exclusive purpose of heating are not included when calculating inspection and reporting fees.

Bagged Fertilizer Policy

Properly contained and located dry, bagged fertilizer packaged in quantities under 100 pounds is not included when calculating inspection and reporting fees.

Dry Cleaning Policy

Dry cleaning equipment that stores perchloroethylene (perc) in a closed-loop system is not included when calculating inspection and reporting fees.