Civil Process Service

Our Civil Bureau staff specialize in the safe, efficient and legal service of court documents. The Special Deputy Sheriffs that work as Process Servers for the WCSO Civil Bureau include former law enforcement officers with over 170 years combined experience. We cover all of Washtenaw County, including:

  • Ann Arbor
  • Chelsea
  • Dexter
  • Milan
  • Northville
  • Saline
  • Ypsilanti

What is Civil Process Service?

Civil Process Service is the delivery of legal court documents to a specified individual or business (the defendant). The petitioner (plaintiff) initiates the action and works with a lawyer or the court to obtain the proper documents to be served. A Process Server then serves the documents on the defendant.

What Does the Process Server (Special Deputy) Actually Do?

The Special Deputy Sheriff delivers documents to the defendant involved in the court case in accordance with legal guidelines and time standards. Upon completion of delivery, the Special Deputy provides "proof of service" by signing and returning the documents to the court.

Benefits of Using a Special Deputy Sheriff

  • Experience in the safe, timely service of process and the proper handling of court documents.
  • Knowledge of civil process statutes and rules, local courts and the community.
  • Credibility in the community. Individuals being served usually respond more cooperatively to Special Deputy Sheriffs.
  • Peace of mind... using a third party can make a difficult situation easier for you.

What's Next

  1. In some cases, especially evictions, a court-issued civil document requires a judge's signature. All documents must be in order before the Sheriff's Office can serve the document for you.
  2. Please contact the court in your jurisdiction to obtain the proper forms. County court clerks and Civil Bureau staff cannot give legal advice.
  3. Either bring the papers, or have the court forward the papers, to:
    Sheriff's Office Civil Bureau
    2201 Hogback Road
    Ann Arbor, MI 48105
  4. Payment must be made prior to service being completed, unless you are an established account in good credit standing. Credit card payments by phone are accepted 734-973-4937.


The Sheriff's Office charges fees for serving documents and any associated services. We require prepayment and accept:

  • Cash on site
  • Checks from an established account
  • Credit cards (in person or by phone)
  • Money orders

Additional Costs

In addition to service fees, other costs may include:

  • Additional defendant(s)
  • Out-of-state fees
  • Rush fees
  • Stand-by time

Total Fee Calculation Formula

Service Fee + Mileage Fee + Additional Fees = Total Cost

Price Quote

Please call the Civil Bureau at 734-973-4937 for a detailed price quote.