Foreclosure Sales & Adjournments

Foreclosure Sales - General Information

  • Sheriff Ceases Sales and Enforcement of MERS Foreclosures

The Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Foreclosure Sale is held every Thursday, except holidays, at the:

22nd Circuit Judicial Court
101 E Huron
Downtown Ann Arbor

Until further notice, the sale will be held outside and located at the side entrance to the courthouse on Main Street between E. Huron St. and E. Ann St. The sale begins promptly at 10 a.m.

All property sale information is forwarded to the Sheriff’s Office from The Detroit Legal News Publishing and private law offices.

Property Scheduled

The Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office does not determine what properties go to sale and does not receive any prior notice on properties scheduled to go to sale until Wednesday afternoon of the current week. If you would like to know if your property is scheduled to go to sale on the upcoming Thursday, call the Civil Bureau at 734-973-4937 after 2 p.m. on Wednesday.


The foreclosure sale conducted by the Sheriff’s Office is an auction where you may be able to purchase a property at a price less than full market value. Generally the foreclosing party (mortgage holder) submits a bid a day or so prior to the sale. That amount may be the entire loan amount that is owing, including property taxes and other charges, or some amount less than that. The property will not sell for an amount less than the amount bid by the mortgage holder. It is not unusual for other persons or entities to be present at the sale and offer more than the mortgage holder has bid. In that event, the Sheriff’’s Deed is issued to the highest bidder who must than obtain two checks: one for the mortgage holder’s bid and one for the "overbid" amount. Additional information regarding the amount bid can be found in the section entitled "Foreclosure Sale Guidelines".

Redemption Period

If your property is sold, there is a redemption period (usually six months), wherein you are given the time to come up with the necessary funds to satisfy the Purchaser. In some cases, the redemption period may be as short as 30 days. Properties over three acres, may have a redemption period as long as one year. Please contact the mortgage company for complete information on the redemption period for a particular property. On the day the redemption period expires, if no satisfactory payment arrangement has occurred and you are still on the premises, the Purchaser has the legal right to initiate proceedings to evict you from the property. For a more detailed explanation of the Sheriff’s Sale process and your rights as a property owner, see the Washtenaw County Treasurer’s website.


When a property is adjourned, the foreclosure sale has been put on "hold" for one reason or another. A sale can continue to be adjourned anywhere from one week to several years. The Sheriff’s Office is not given any background information on the reason why a sale has been adjourned. You must contact the law office handling the foreclosed property for the Assignee if you have questions regarding an adjournment.

The Sheriff’s Office posts property adjournments every week in the lobby of the 22nd Circuit Judicial Court in downtown Ann Arbor.

Foreclosure Sale Guidelines

If a property is in foreclosure and goes to sale and you wish to purchase the property at the sale, you must have cash or a bank-certified check (made out to the Assignee) with you for the opening bid at the time of the sale. You must also bid at least an additional one dollar (cash/check), which goes back to the mortgage company. You will be asked to produce the funds when you sign in to bid. You can obtain the opening bid amount and Assignee information by stopping by the Civil Bureau or calling the office at 734-973-4937 on the Wednesday before the sale.


If a property receives an "overbid" (a bid higher than the mortgage company’s/bank’s bid), the individual making the highest bid shall have until 11 a.m. the day of the sale to present the deputy holding the auction, a bank-certified check or cash (checks preferred) for the total amount of the overbid. The overbid bank-certified check is to be made out to the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Office.

If the individual making the overbid fails to present the funds to the deputy before the 11 a.m. deadline, the person (if still present at the sale location) making the next highest bid when the property was first called and auctioned will be allowed 30 minutes to present the deputy with the necessary funds. If the second highest bidder is not present, the property will deed to the Mortgage Company/Bank.


The deputy can adjust the 11 a.m. deadline if there are circumstances such as weather, accident or situations totally unforeseen which may cause a delay in the bidder’s arrival. However, it is the responsibility of the bidder to make contact with the deputy before the 11 a.m. deadline, outlining the situation causing the delay to request an extension of no more than 30 minutes.

Sheriff Deed

All properties not receiving an "overbid" when the property is called for auction shall remain open, allowing bids until 11 a.m., after which the "Sheriff Deed" will be submitted, listing the Mortgage Company/Bank as owner after the redemption period.

No Warranty

Successful bidders cannot take ownership or possess the property until the redemption period has expired or the property has been certified as abandoned. There is no warranty, express or implied. Buyers beware - careful research is required.

Signed & Notarized

All Sheriff Deeds will be properly signed and notarized. The original Deed is then given to the high bidder for recording with the "Washtenaw County Register of Deeds" or returned to the Mortgage Company/Bank representative. Each Sheriff Deed must have an "affidavit or redemption" attached in order for it to be recorded.

Need Assistance Concerning Your Property?

If you are a property owner having difficulty meeting your mortgage payments, and want to try to avoid foreclosure, please review the Mortgage Foreclosure Prevention info on the Washtenaw County Treasurer’s website. They also have information on the Tax-Foreclosed Property Auction.

If you are a tenant residing in a foreclosed property, see How Mortgage Foreclosure Affects Tenants.