Landlord / Tenant & Eviction Information

The Civil Bureau specializes in Landlord / Tenant Summons and Evictions for all of Washtenaw County.

COVID-19 & CDC Related Information

Due to the current pandemic there have been some changes in civil process procedures. Please view the short video and frequently asked questions document below. 

Civil Process, Evictions & COVID-19 Video

General Information

When a Landlord needs to evict a Tenant(s), court papers must be filed to initiate the proceedings. The first step for the Landlord is to obtain a Landlord / Tenant Summons. This provides a court date for both the Landlord and the Tenant(s) to plead their case in front of a judge. If the judge finds in favor of the Landlord, an eviction is ordered. For more information regarding Landlord / Tenant and Eviction information, please see Michigan’s Practical Guide for Tenants and Landlords.

Information for Landlords

We can assist you with Landlord / Tenant Summons and Eviction Writs. We have six Special Deputy Sheriff’s who are trained in this area. They bring...

  • Experience in the safe, timely service of process and the proper handling of court documents.
  • Knowledge of civil process statutes and rules, local courts and the community.
  • Credibility in the community. Individuals being served usually respond more cooperatively to trained Special Deputy Sheriff’s.

Apartment Complex Toolkit

For detailed information regarding Landlord / Tenant Summons and Evictions, please see our Apartment Complex Toolkit Page.

Court Forms

For a list of the necessary court documents which can be completed and printed from your personal computer, please see our Court Forms Page.

Information for Tenants

Please visit the following links for some helpful information.


  • See our Fees page for more information.
  • Please note that there is a $75 per hour "Stand-By" charge for evictions.