Septic Systems

In areas where public sewer is not available, homeowners must have septic systems (also known as sewage systems) installed on their property that will treat wastewater coming from their home.

Check prior records and maps for helpful information about properties:

  • MapWashtenaw - Parcel maps and property data are available using this online mapping tool. View this online tutorial to learn how to use MapWashtenaw to create site plans.     
  • OnBase - Previous site plans; well, septic, building inspection and soil erosion permits are available in this online database. For the best results, only enter the street number of the address and search. Then, scroll through the records to find the property records you need.
Well and Septic System

Safe Digging with the Miss Dig Notification System

  1. Call 811 or go to Miss Dig three workdays before you dig! 
  2. Wait for utilities to be marked.
  3. Check status at Miss Dig.
  4. Respect the marks.
  5. Dig with care.

Please note that it is the responsibility of the contractor or owner to contact the Miss Dig notification system at 811 or 800-482-7171 and comply with all requirements of the Miss Dig Underground Facility Damage Prevention and Safety Act before starting any excavation work.

Septic Systems & Emergencies

See guidance on taking care of your septic system when disaster strikes, such as flooding, snow and ice, and power outages.