Soil Evaluation Requirements

To have a soil evaluation performed, you must submit the following to our office:

  • Completed application, including 10-digit parcel identification number.
  • Survey, if available.
  • Application fee.
  • Preliminary site plan drawn to scale showing proposed structures/features on the property, including home, garage/outbuildings(s), driveway, well, and drainfield. This requirement may be waived if the evaluation is for speculative purposes with no home construction planned.
    • Keep in mind that desired locations may need to change due to site conditions. 
    • When submitting large or blueprint size plans (anything larger than 11”x17”), submit 2 copies of the plans to our office.
      For anything 11”x17” or smaller, submit 1 copy, as we can make additional copies in the office.
    • Check prior records and maps for helpful information about the property, and for assistance in creating a site plan.

Scheduling the Soil Evaluation

Contact an excavating contractor and select a few tentative dates for the evaluation. The excavating contractor will dig test holes for the evaluation. Schedule the soil evaluation with the Sanitarian. 

We strongly recommend the property owner/authorized representative to be on site during the soil evaluation inspection to make decisions on home and sewage system locations.


Prior to performing any excavation it is your or the excavator's responsibility to determine the location of any buried utilities and utility easements on your site. Call MISS DIG at 811 or 800-482-7171 for this information. Keep in mind that it usually takes a few days for MISS DIG to mark your utility lines.