Why Participate in Business Watch

Take control of what happens in your business community, and lessen your chances of becoming a victim. Through Business Watch, you will be making crimes against yourself and your fellow business neighbors as difficult as possible.

Thriving Business Watch Programs

Thriving Business Watch programs across the nation are deterring criminals by:

  • Promoting communication and understanding between law enforcement and the business community
  • Encouraging cooperation between neighboring merchants
  • Teaching merchants to crime-proof their own properties and to watch over neighboring businesses and report any suspicious activity to authorities
  • Developing a telephone tree system for quick dissemination of information regarding criminal activity in the area
  • Encouraging the development of signals to activate in adjacent businesses when someone needs help

Additional Benefits

Additional benefits of Business Watch participation include:

  • Authority to display signs and window decals that warm, "This is a BUSINESS WATCH area... suspicious activities will be reported to authorities and to fellow merchants";
  • Security surveys of members' premises to identify high crime opportunities.