A regular and important part of this program is public recognition and praise offered by the Drug Court Judge / Referee and team at the regularly scheduled status review hearings. Participants receive certificates that document their progression through the program phases. Other incentives (rewards) might include:

  • Extensions of curfew
  • Reduction in supervision requirements
  • Gift certificates
  • Group outings
  • Assistance with obtaining hobby supplies
  • Lessons for such things as music, art, dance, etc.


A range of sanctions (penalties) can be implemented in response to non-compliance with program requirements. Any sanction or combination of sanctions may be imposed, based on the extent of the program violation. Sanctions include, but are not limited to participant prepared verbal reports at status review hearings, writing assignments, letters of apology, community service, loss of privileges, increased drug testing, electronic tether and/or detention.

Residential Treatment

Some youth participating at the intensive outpatient level of the program may be moved to our residential treatment program if it is determined he or she is in need of increased treatment and monitoring. This is not considered a sanction, but an opportunity to receive the level of services needed to support a drug-free lifestyle.