Mission & Impact

Washtenaw County Health Department logo and healthy together tagline

Our Mission

To assure, in partnership with the community, the conditions necessary for people to live healthy lives through prevention and protection programs.

Our Vision

A healthy community in which every resident enjoys the best possible state of health and well-being.

Our Core Values

  • We will emphasize prevention to keep our community healthy and safe
  • We will lead the development of effective public health interventions in partnership with the community
  • We will promote social justice and reduce inequalities affecting the health of all in Washtenaw County
  • We will abide by ethical principles, take responsibility for our commitments and use our resources wisely

About Public Health

Public health as a discipline exists to prevent disease, promote health and prolong life among the population as a whole. The aim is to provide conditions in which people can be healthy. The focus is on entire populations, rather than on individuals. Public health is like a health care provider for the entire community. The goal is to prevent health problems before they occur.

Local health departments in Michigan are governmental entities with a legal responsibility to assure the public’s health (Michigan Public Health Code, Public Act 368 of 1978). No other entity assesses threats to the community from communicable and chronic diseases, poor access to health care or health promotion practices or failure to protect the environment.

Our History

During our 75+ years, the Washtenaw County Health Department has:

  • Diminished the threats of communicable diseases such as polio, tuberculosis and measles
  • Established an environmental health division that ensures access to safe food, water and air
  • Developed substance abuse, sexual health and healthy eating programs
  • Measured the health status of the county
  • Worked continuously to ensure the health and safety of all Washtenaw County residents

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Washtenaw County Health Department Timeline