Hazardous Materials Response Team Authority Board


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  • Washtenaw County Emergency Services Division
    Emergency Services Communications Center
    705 N. Zeeb Rd.
    Ann Arbor, MI 48103
Three firemen at an overturned truck


  • Marc Breckenridge
  • Kim Collom
  • Dave Dorian
  • Russ Girbach
  • Matt Harshberger
  • Kenneth Hobbs
  • Andy Houde
  • Mike Kennedy
  • Dave Music
  • Rochelle Noonan
  • Jim Rachwal

About the Board

The Hazardous Materials Response Team Authority Board for Washtenaw and Adjacent Communities was created to assist contracting local fire departments by providing a trained and equipped hazardous materials response team that provides on-scene support to the incident commander including hazardous incident rescue when possible; and for the purpose of confining containing, plugging, patching or otherwise stopping life threatening or environmentally dangerous chemical releases.

Additional Information

For additional information please call 734-222-3911.