14A-4 Probation Department Additional Information


Reporting times are between 8am-12:30pm, no exceptions. Do not bring any friends, family or children to reporting. No food, beverage, or electronic devices allowed, please leave outside the building. Please allow enough time to be seen by agent and schedule your time accordingly, expect possible wait times up to several hours and you may be referred for drug testing, so have photo ID and money available each and every time you report to probation. All probation concerns should be addressed to the main Chelsea office at 734-475-0709 or by email, do not contact the clerk’s office! Please see the preceding page for the reporting schedule.  


In accordance with Michigan Court Rule 1.110, all financial assessments such as fines, court costs and statutory assessments must be paid at the time of sentencing. You may make your payment at the clerk’s office at any 14A District Court location. You may also make payment over the phone. To make payment for 14A3, call 734-475-8606, for 14A4, call 734-429-2504, please have your case number and credit card information available. Payments should be made prior to reporting to the probation office for monthly reporting.  Please note, Non-Public cases cannot be discussed over the phone. 


 DRUG TESTING:                     

Drug testing is completed at Community Corrections located at:

4101 Washtenaw Ave., Ann Arbor, MI  48108


 Monday, Wednesday and Friday                       8:30am-4:30pm

Tuesday and Thursday                                     8:30am-6:30pm

Rules for testing:

You must have Photo ID to test and your test will be monitored.

You must have payment at the time of test. NO EXCEPTIONS! Cash, Personal Check or Credit Card accepted.

Allow yourself at least thirty minutes to complete your test. To avoid waiting, it is best to come earlier in the day – afternoons are the busiest.

Do not eat, drink or have anything in your mouth for at least 15 minutes prior to testing.

Do not drink excessive water, tea, or other fluids on the day of your test. Your sample will be tested for dilution and rejected as a tamper if you are abnormally hydrated.

Suspicious samples may not be tested as determined by staff.

Do not bring friends, family or any other person to testing.


If you feel you have tested positive and it is a result from a prescription medication, you must have the prescribing physician fax my office a letter stating that you are: 



This must be received by my office within 7 business days from positive drug test. If the prescription is consistent with the positive drug test, no violation will occur; however, if it is NOT consistent, the prescription is NOT current or the positive result is NOT within the therapeutic dosages levels, it would be a violation and you would be subject to possible sanctions and/or violation process. For safety and security purposes, please do NOT bring in any prescription bottles with medication(s) to the probation office. You must have letter written as instructed previously.

Please note: As explained in detail at orientation, if you had an Emergency Room visit and were prescribed a medication, that prescription is only valid for a limited time period and only to cover that specific incident. If you have left over medication and take it months down the road…that is not considered current and/or valid and you will be held accountable.



Community Service can be done at a Non-Profit Agency of your choice with prior approval by the probation office. You must have verification of completion provided in writing, on the agency’s letterhead. Verification must be provided to probation no later than a month prior to the probation discharge date, unless otherwise specified by the Court.


If you were ordered to provide probation with employment verification, school status/attendance, AA meeting attendance verification/logs, PBT logs, Outpatient Treatment Updates, etc., anything that was ordered with “monthly updates to probation” you will be required to bring said verification to EACH monthly report. Your monthly report will NOT be accepted if you fail to bring this monthly verification.

Employment Verification:

Verification must be in the form of a paystub, including your name, pay period ending, number of hours worked, hourly rate/salary and taxes.  This is “verifiable” employment.  If your “paystub” would not be accepted at a bank for consideration of a loan, it will NOT be accepted by probation. 


Requests for travel need to be submitted at least 72 hours prior to travel date/time. If you are traveling by plane, train, or bus, you will need to have the flight/ticket information available, to include the carrier, i.e., Delta, Amtrak, etc. If you will be traveling by your personal vehicle, you will need to print driving directions/map from your starting point to finishing point. You will need to have this information available and printed. Send your travel request via email to [email protected], if approved, you will be instructed to contact the probation office to make arrangements to pick up your travel form. You must physically come into the office and obtain said form, prior to travel. No travel requests will be approved if more than a week out from travel date.  You must be in compliance with all your probation terms, prior to requesting travel.