Blue Heron Bay Attractions

Green, Blue, and Red Mushrooms

Two young girls are having fun with mushroom water sprinkler in our toddler zone. 

2 girls having fun with mushroom water sprinkler

Water Canons

Two young boys are playing with the green water canons. We also have a pair of yellow water canons as well. Water canons are perfect for soaking your friend. Don't worry mom and dad, the canons can't spray water toward the lawn chairs!

2 boys playing with green spraypad


Two young boys are enjoying playing under the Jellyfish water sprinkler. The water from our jellyfish feature in our toddler area moves with the wind, making it look like it's alive!

2 boys enjoying Jellyfish water sprinkler

Family Zone Tower

The group of kids are having fun waiting for the bucket to dump water on them. Counting down for the bucket to dump is a blast! The family features a small orange slide, red dumping buckets, water sprayers, and more that is perfect for all ages. 

Kids having fun with Super Wave

The Spider

The boys and girls are having fun under large water spider sprinkler. Check out our spider in our tween zone! If you have enough friends to stand on the ground jets, the water pressure will build up in the legs of the spider to form a web!

Kids having fun under large water spider sprinkler

Spray Features

The boy is playing with water sprayer on the family zone tower. Our water play structure includes many interactive jets that you can use to spray your friends from up high!

Boy playing with water sprayer

Green and Blue Slides

The boy is just getting off going down the large water slides. The blue slide is enclosed and has a steep incline making your ride fast and dark. The green slide is open and is a gradual twist. Riders must be 42 inches or taller to ride on the slides.

Red Dumping Bucket

50 gallons of water fills up the red dumping bucket then dumps in front the of the family zone where kids stand to get soaked with water. 

Boy going down large water slide
Blue Heron Bay Super Wave

Dragon and Spraying Rings

The back side of the family zone features a squirting dragon that kids can run under and three misting spraying rings that kids can run through. Numerous dumping buckets, floor jets, and more are also near the dragon and spraying rings. 

Blue Heron Bay family area of pool

Orange Kitty Slide

The family zone tower features an orange kitty slide that is perfect for young kids that are too short or too afraid to go down the big slides. Parents are allowed to go down this slide with their kids. There is  no height restriction for this slide. 

Blue Heron Bay Kid Slide