Huron River Watershed Plan

The Watershed Plan for the Huron River in the Ann Arbor Ypsilanti Metropolitan Area (PDF) that was written in 1994, revised in 2008, and last updated in 2011, provides a long-term strategy to preserve and protect the County's most prominent waterway. The Office of the Washtenaw County Water Resources Commissioner continues to work with the Huron River Watershed Council and our Middle Huron partner municipalities to update this document to reflect the current state of the river system, and identify strategies to improve the quality of our shared resource.

The Middle Huron River Watershed Management Plan, Section 2 (2020). Includes: The Huron River from Barton Pond to the Confluence of Fleming Creek,  Associated Tributaries, Fleming Creekshed, Allens Creekshed, Malletts Creekshed, Millers Creekshed, Swift Run Creekshed, Traver Creekshed


Huron River Watershed Council

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