Search Permit Records

Our OnBase program allows you to search for Washtenaw County record and permits for wells, sewage/septic systems, building inspections, and soil erosion and sedimentation control. These records also typically contain existing site plans.

For the best results, only enter the street number and click search. Scroll through the results and find your address. Click on the individual listing to open the file and see the pages of information. Often times, there are several results for a specific property.

Common codes for the list of results

ARV - addition review
BLD - building inspection permit
ELE - electrical permit
MEC - mechanical permit
PLM - plumbing permit
SEV - soil evaluation
SEW - sewage/septic permit
SOI - soil erosion permit
SP - swimming pool/spa plans
TOS - Time of Sale well and/or septic inspection
WEL - well permit

More information and search examples

If you can't see the search box below, please visit this page and search: