OnBase Records Search Instructions

To search for your specific documents in our OnBase records system, enter you search criteria into at least one of the search fields. Remember the more detail you provide, the narrower your search parameters will be, and shorten your results list.

Starting with a simple street number only search or street number with a jurisdiction selection may produce the quickest path to finding the documents of interest.

However if the way you enter the information does not match how it is stored, you may rule out the information you are trying to find. For example, if you search for an address on “200 Main Street” and it is actually stored as “200 N. Main St.” you will not find it.

So it is often best to start your search with a small amount of information, and use “wildcards” to make sure the information you are seeking is returned. You can place asterisks (*) before and after your search term to find documents that have additional text before or after the search term.

Your search results will be listed below the search box if you are using a mobile device or a PC. Here we are showing the mobile results.

Image of search screen with all fields visible
Image of mobile search screen

If you have multiple results returned, click on the one you’d like to view. If there is only one result, your PC will automatically try to download and open the document as a PDF file to view it. Depending on your default browser this may be handled differently. In Internet Explorer, a popup window will ask you if you want to open or save the document.

Image of results download

In Chrome, if the document does not open when you double click it, it may have been blocked by the Pop-Up Blocker, as shown here. You will need to right click on the icon and choose to open the document, or trust pop-ups from this site. You can then choose to save the document and open it.

Image of pop-ups blocker icon

Pop-Up Blockers

On your PC or Mac, and on your mobile devices, any time you are opening a downloaded document in a browser, you may need to turn off a pop-up blocker in order to view the document. Here is a link to instructions turning off Pop-Up Blockers on various devices and browsers.

Turning off Pop-Up Blockers (opens in a new window)