Appliances are difficult to dispose of because they typically do not fit in household-provided bins and often have a combination of metals, electronic parts, and sometimes hazardous material that must be separated in order to be recycled. However, there are a wide variety of options depending on your location and appliance for recycling, listed below.

County Clean-Up Day Events

Several times a year, Washtenaw County Public Works hosts County Clean-Up Day Events. At these events, appliances and many other items are accepted for recycling or safe disposal. Some events can accept freon-containing appliances, while others cannot. Please double check event flyers here for specific information. 

Recycle Ann Arbor Drop-Off Station and Recovery Yard

  • Drop-Off Station - The Drop-Off Station provides disposal and recycling opportunities for a wide variety of items such as Styrofoam, electronics, tires, recyclables, plastic bags, and more. The Drop-off Station is located at 2950 East Ellsworth Road, Ann Arbor. 
  • Recovery Yard  - The Recovery Yard is Michigan's only non-profit construction and demolition recycler. They provide roll-off (dumpster) rentals, construction and demolition waste recycling, and drop off for recyclables, styrofoam, oil, and more. The Recovery Yard is located at 7891 Jackson Road, Ann Arbor.

Local Retailers

Some retailers will remove and recycle your old appliance when you purchase a new one through them. A small fee is sometimes applied for this services. Some will recycle your appliance without a new purchase, but this typically results in higher fees. 

 Power Companies

Power companies will accept certain types of older, working appliances for recycling, and may provide a rebate. This program only applies to certain items and appointments are required. Find your provider's website for more information. 

Turning Trash into Treasure Guide

Local Non-profits

  • Salvation Army - The Salvation Army will accept a variety of working appliances as donations. Appliances accepted varies by location.
  • Habitat for Humanity ReStore - The Habitat for Humanity ReStore will accept select appliances as donations. Appliances accepted varies by location.

Freon-Containing Appliances

Freon-containing appliances require a specialty recycler. These appliances include air conditioners, refrigerators, and dehumidifiers. The following locations accept freon-containing appliances.

Curbside Pick-up 

Many waste hauler companies offer pickup for bulk items, including appliances. This typically requires an appointment and a fee may apply. Contact your waste management provider that picks up your curbside trash to inquire about the the services available for you. This option does not guarantee the appliance will be recycled and may just be sent to a landfill. It is best to inquire about the disposal process with your local waste management provider. View our Bulky Waste page for more resources on bulky waste pickup.