Children’s Special Health Care Services Transitioning to Adulthood Resource Directory

This resource directory is designed to offer information to youth and their families about the process of transitioning to adulthood for youth with chronic illnesses and/or disabilities. There are legal, financial, medical, and educational aspects to transition that need to be taken into consideration. Click on the tabs below to see local, state, and national resources for each topic. 

Transition is a process that can begin early through discussions with your teen, encouraging them to think about what their goals might be for their life, and working together to plan for the steps that need to be taken as they reach adulthood. This process continues into adulthood as they mature and learn to be more independent. It is our hope to provide information and resources to make this transition successful. Children's Special Health Care Services staff can help clients with transition plans.

Washtenaw County Children’s Special Health Care Services provides the list below as a resource, but does not endorse any specific organization or website. If you would like to add a resource to this guide, please email Cindy Barcome, Children’s Special Health Care Services community health worker.

  1. Transition 101
  2. Assistive Technology
  3. Advanced Directives & Patient Advocates
  4. Advocacy
  5. Assistance Dogs
  6. Civil Rights
  7. Driving Aids &  Services
  8. Durable Medical Equipment
  9. Education  
  10.  Employment
  11. Financial Assistance
  12. Health Insurance
  13. Health, Wellness & Fitness
  14. Housing & Independent Living
  15. Legal
  16. Life Skills & Social Skills
  17. Libraries
  18. Money Management
  19. Safety
  20. Support Groups & Mentors
  21. Transportation
  22. Travel
  23. Voting
  24. Additional Resources
  25. Comprehensive Links
  26. Additional Resource Guides

General Information

Resource & LinkDescription
Got Transition Website
A website with lots of helpful information about transition, including webinars, preventive care and transition, a guide for youth and their family, a resource page and more.
Navigating Transitions with Your Child

Basic information to think about when transitioning to adulthood.

Use the bar on the left side of the page to learn more about issues surrounding medical transition as youth reach adulthood.

Transition Planning: A Guide for Young Adults and Family
This guide covers health care transition, education transition, employment assistance, adult living, life skills, housing, money, guardianship and its alternatives.


Resource & LinkDescription
Children’s Special Health Care Services of Washtenaw County

Offers a Medical Transition Plan to all members of CSHCS beginning at age 16. If you are a member of the program, please call 734-544-9700.

For additional questions about the program, please call the Family Center for Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs at 1-800-359-3722.

Transitioning teens to adult care 
Offers the Empowering Young Adults to Own their Health Care guide to transition, and referrals to choosing adult providers
Transitioning teens to adult care 
Offers the Empowering Young Adults to Own their Health Care guide to transition, and referrals to choosing adult providers.
The Corner Health Center

Health care for ages 12-25

Checkups and Shots, Help When You're Sick, Physicals, Men's Health, LGBTQ+ Health, STI & HIV Tests, Birth Control & Plan B, Pregnancy Tests & Care, Visits for Your Children, Counseling and Psychiatry, Stress Management, Sadness / Depression, Worry / Anxiety, ADHD, Bullying Support, Eating Disorders, and more!


Resource & LinkDescription
Learning Disabilities Association of Michigan

Offer scholarships for tutoring and college, a list of tutors, tips on choosing a tutor, information and resources on learning disabilities, and a resource page that provides information on learning disabilities, college, ADHD, regulations, and more.

Michigan Alliance for Families 
Information and Tips on how to create a Transition IEP
The Children’s Special Health Care Services Transition GuideThis guide covers many different aspects of transition such as transitioning adult health care, education, and independent living.
Transition Tools for Youth, their Families, and Health Care Professionals
This web page offers a variety of transition readiness assessment tools to help parents and youth plan for the future.


Resource & LinkDescription
A Transition Guide to Postsecondary Education and Employment for Students and Youth with Disabilities
A transition guide from the U.S. Department of Education
Center for Parent Information & ResourcesA wide variety of transition resources, resources for designing a Transition IEP, age of majority guide, employment, and much more