Turning Trash into Treasure

Turning Trash into Treasure (PDF)

Trash to Treasure Guide

The Trash to Treasure Guide (pdf) provides local repair, reuse, recycling, and disposal resources within Washtenaw County. Trash to Treasure was created to assist with finding environmentally preferred solutions to everyday unwanted household objects. In the guide, you will find alternatives to buying brand new, mail-in recycling programs, and an A-Z guide of resources where you can repair, donate (reuse), or recycle your materials. 

This document is not only designed to answer tricky disposal questions and to help keep your reusable and recyclable materials out of the landfill, but it will also help you start thinking about the value of your objects and purchasing decisions. Can your objects be repaired instead of thrown away? Can you buy things that are useful to you without harming the environment? If something is no longer useful to you, is it truly considered trash? One person's trash may be a valuable resource to someone else. By working together, we can turn our trash into treasure!

Please note, this document is updated periodically. The programs and services that are listed herein are subject to change at any time without advance notice. Therefore, users are strongly encouraged to call or visit the website of any business beforehand to make sure the information provided is still current.

Additional Information

For more information about the listings in this booklet, or to provide corrected information, please contact us at 734-222-6860.