Marriage Licenses

Marriage Applications May be Submitted by Virtual Appointment or In-Person

Washtenaw County Vital Records
200 N. Main Street
Suite 100
Ann Arbor, MI 48107
Phone: 734-222-6720


  • One or both applicants must appear in-person to apply for the marriage license. If only one applicant is present, they must have all items listed below for both persons. 
  • The following is required of both persons at the time of application (Photocopies or pictures on a cellphone are acceptable):
    • Unexpired driver’s license, state-issued identification card, or Washtenaw County ID Card showing a correct address,
    • Birth certificate (does not need to be a certified copy - only certificates issued by a government office are acceptable, not a hospital certificate),
    • and Social Security Card (if card is not available, you must know the number). If an applicant does not have a Social Security Number they must appear in person.
  • Persons 18 years of age and older may contract marriage in Michigan without parental consent. Persons 16 and 17 must show a certified copy of their birth certificate. Written consent of one parent listed on the birth certificate, who must appear in person at the time of application, will be required. Valid identification of parent is required.
  • For purposes of marriage application, residency is determined by a current, valid driver’s license, State-issued identification card, or Washtenaw County ID Card.
  • If one person is a Washtenaw County resident, you may apply in our office. The license is valid throughout the state.
  • If both persons are out-of-state residents, they must apply in the county where they are to be married. The license is valid in that county only.
  • Foreign-born persons, in addition to state-issued identification card, driver’s license, or Washtenaw County ID Card, must have one of the following:
    • Green card,
    • Unexpired Employment Authorization Card,
    • Naturalization Papers,
    • Valid passport, U.S. or Foreign (with acceptable visa status, if applicable),
    • or Canadian or Mexican born persons may use their birth certificates (if translated)
  • Inmates in the Michigan Department of Corrections system; see information here.
  • Premarital counseling or testing is no longer required.

Fees (per couple)

Michigan Resident(s)$20
Out-of-State Residents
(Marriage must occur in Washtenaw County)
Waiver of Three-Day Waiting Period$50

Payments types accepted 

Cash, check, money order, debit, credit (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, only)


  • The marriage license becomes valid on the 3rd day following application (MCL 551.103a):
    • Apply on Monday and the license is valid to use on Thursday.
    • Apply on Tuesday and the license is valid to use on Friday.
    • Apply on Wednesday and the license is valid to use on Saturday.
    • Apply on Thursday and the license is valid to use on Sunday.
    • Apply on Friday and the license is valid to use on Monday. 
  • The marriage ceremony must be performed within 33 days of application.
  • A list of judges, magistrates, and mayors who perform marriages in Washtenaw County is available upon request.
  • Additional information or documentation may be required before this office will complete the marriage license application.
  • If you have further questions please call (734) 222-6720.
  • Certified copies should be available 7 to 10 business days after date of marriage.