Getting started

To get started, call 734-544-3050, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.Illustration of diverse faces

When you call, express that you'd like to learn about behavioral health services.

Someone from the clinical team will talk with you about your needs and ask for more information regarding your situation. If you are in crisis, you will be immediately referred to the mobile crisis team. 

During the screening process, staff will gather enough information to determine which program would best support you. Once you are scheduled, you will come in for a full assessment. Staff will ask questions about your situation, your past history, and your goals and expectations to determine how to best meet your needs. Some of the questions asked during your first visit may be similar to the questions you were asked over the phone.

Washtenaw County Community Mental Health is required to provide behavioral health services Medicaid enrollees with a severe mental illness, severe emotional disturbance, or a qualifying intellectual or developmental disability. Each person’s situation is evaluated on an individual basis. If staff find that you do not meet the criteria for traditional services, they will refer you to the CARES team or work with you to connect you with a community provider who will meet your needs and is covered under your health insurance.