#wishyouknew Campaign Materials

Please contact us if you'd like to adapt these materials. Feel free to share on social media, use the hashtag #wishyouknewwashtenaw and tag @wishyouknewwashtenaw on Instagram. More materials COMING SOON.


youre not alone
its not hopeless
image of teen with the phrase what they say online in a speech bubble
Illustration of man with text you're not weak
mental health is health
it gets better
image of teen with text 10 deep breaths wont fix it
i dont have the words
Illustration of young man with text Men believe in mental health too


Billboard Designs

it gets better billboard billboard
support isnt only for a crisis billboard
10 deep breaths wont fix it billboard
mental health is health billboard
mental health is real billboard
just listening helps billboard
its not hopeless billboard billboard
i dont have the words billboard
what do you wish someone knew billboard


Download postcards here. Print front and back - there will be two 5x7 postcards per page. Print on card stock and cut to send as a postcard. If you print on regular printer paper, send in an envelope.

postcard image for web