Nature Stewardship

Nature Stewardship

Nature stewardship is a great way to get exercise while learning about and helping the environment, meeting like-minded people, and exploring beautiful natural areas. 

No prior experience needed! Activities varies from season to season, but the goals are usually:

  1. improve habitat for wildlife 
  2. make space for Michigan's unique native plant communities, and
  3. improve recreational experiences for park visitors.

We typically achieve these goals by removing invasive plants that create problems for others. We focus on high-priority areas for protection and restoration activities, while building community knowledge for how to make a difference at home and in other community spaces. 

  • In spring, we hand pull garlic mustard, dames rocket, and narrowleaf bittercress. 
  • In summer, fall, and winter, we use hand tools to cut down shrubs such as autumn olive and buckthorn. Many first-time volunteers are surprised how much they enjoy using tools for socially acceptable acts of destruction!
  • Sometimes we get the opportunity to plant trees or collect and spread native seed as well.

For all events, please dress for the weather and be prepared for working off-trail by wearing durable pants and closed-toe shoes. We will provide gloves, tools, and instruction. 

Press here to explore available opportunities with Washtenaw County Parks. For more stewardship opportunities with our partners, check out