Get Some Dirt On Your Hands!

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Washtenaw County Parks and Preserves are renowned for their unique and scenic landscapes. Volunteers are vital in maintaining interesting and diverse flora in a wide variety of ecosystems and habitat. Caring for the ever changing garden displays of ornamental and native plants throughout the park gardens is supported by volunteer work. Join Parks Horticulturists and other Master Gardeners to learn best-practice gardening techniques.

For more information or workday registration contact:

Kathy Squiers
Parks Horticulturist
734-971-6337 x 336
[email protected]

Garden Workday Wednesdays

Volunteering for a garden workday is a great opportunity to be regularly active outdoors, learn gardening tips, discover different plants and meet other gardeners!

Please dress to work and be comfortable outside and bring your favorite gardening gear.

Garden Workdays:Irises
Between 7 am and 3 pm; join in anytime your schedule permits! 

April 8, 15, 22, and 29
May 6, 20, and 27

Free flower divisions are often available!

Please call Parks Horticulturist to preregister and for day of location information.

Adopt a Garden

Are you looking for your own special project? Do you need a more flexible volunteer schedule? Consider adopting one of these wonderful gardens. After reading through the garden descriptions, reach out to Parks Horticulturist to learn more about this opportunity. 

The Perennial Garden at County Farm Park
"Hello, I have almost 6,000 square feet of garden beds filled with over 95 varieties of gorgeous flowering plants! I am located up the hill behind the Platt Pavilion. Due to intrusive weed species (and the occasional promiscuous neighbor) all my beds need regular tending! Please visit me weekly to weed one bed, maybe two? I would greatly appreciate your help in allowing me to show off my kaleidoscope of “Geometry in Bloom” throughout the seasons. Please Adopt Me!”

The Sensory Garden at County Farm Park
“Hi, I am a 300 square foot garden filled with many very interesting plants and flowers for you to explore; through the senses! Colorful flowers, wonderful fragrances, furry leaves, rustling grasses, all located near the Childrens’ Playground and ‘The Discovery Gardens’ of Project Grow. What I need is some tender-loving-care and watering. Adopt Me!”

The Mary Lou Murray (MLM) Memorial Garden at County Farm Park
“Hello, I am a 2600 square foot Memorial Garden located along the western sidewalk of the Recreation Center. I have a variety of colorful perennial and annual flowers. After deadheading spent flowers, and removing my invasive weeds, you could take a break on the memorial bench located in the shade of heritage pines and enjoy seasonal garden changes. Will you adopt me?”

Adopt a Park

Gardens at Sharon Mills County Park
“I’m considered the wedding park, and park gardeners put the icing on the cake. I’m a beautiful historic mill located along the River Raisin with scenic hiking trails. All the beautiful flowers volunteers helped plant need to be watered regularly. I rely on rain and the horticulturalists water me most Fridays. However, with hot, dry weather, and additional new plantings, we have found additional Monday watering makes for healthier, beautiful plants and gardens! Mondays are preferable, yet Sunday or Tuesday mornings could work. Please adopt me!”

Gardens at Parker Mill County Park
"I’m a 45 acre park nestled along Fleming Creek and the Huron River often visited by both history buffs and nature lovers. My Native Plant Demonstration Gardens greet visitors to the Pavilion. I’m looking for a volunteer who is interested specifically in native plant gardening to adopt me."

Other park adoption opportunities might be available at Staebler Farm Park, Independence Lake Park, Rolling Hills Park, and Pierce Lake Golf Course

Contact Parks Horticulturist for more information on adopting any of these parks.