Washtenaw County COVID-19 Data

Updated: June 2, 2023 9:00 am

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The source for all Washtenaw County COVID data on this webpage (except where noted) is the Michigan Disease Surveillance System (MDSS). The data in these charts are provisional and subject to change. Use care interpreting. See the bottom of this page for additional data interpretation notes.

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Weekly Summary of Key COVID19 Indicators in Washtenaw County

PDF versions of the current and previous weekly summaries are available here.

Cumulative Confirmed and Probable COVID-19 Cases in Washtenaw County Residents (3/1/20 through 6/1/23)

  Total cases Total hospitalizations % cases hospitalized % cases admitted
to ICU
Confirmed Cases
93914 4442 5% 0.6% 620
Probable Cases  18270 51 0.3% 0% 46
Confirmed and Probable Cases 112184 4493 4% 0.5% 666

5/4/23 Data note for the following three tables: WCHD will start reporting demographic data for COVID-19 deaths when a higher number of total deaths for this year (starting 02/26/2023) have occurred to ensure data reliability. 

Confirmed and Probable COVID-19 cases in Washtenaw County by Age Group (COVID Year 4:  2/26/2023-6/1/2023)

Age Group % of cases % of hospitalized % of deaths
0 - 17 years 10% 3% N/A
18 - 24 years 12% 1% N/A
25 - 39 years 22% 8% N/A
40 - 49 years 11% 4% N/A
50 - 59 years 12% 9% N/A
60 - 69 years 12% 14% N/A
70 - 79 years 11% 23% N/A
80+ years 9% 38% N/A

Confirmed and Probable COVID-19 Cases in Washtenaw County by Sex (COVID Year 4:  2/26/2023-6/1/2023)

Sex % of cases % of hospitalized % of deaths
Female 57% 46% N/A
Male 42% 54% N/A

Confirmed and Probable COVID-19 Cases in Washtenaw County by Race (COVID Year 4:  2/26/2023-6/1/2023)

Racial or Ethnic Group % of cases % of hospitalized % of deaths % of county population
Am. Indian or Alaska Native 0.6% 1% N/A 0.4%
Asian 9% 3% N/A 9%
Black or African American 12% 18% N/A 12%
Native Hawaiian or Pac. Islander 0.2% 0% N/A 0.1%
White 56% 70% N/A 74%
Unknown/Other race 22% 8% N/A 4%
Hispanic or Latino (all races) 3% 1% N/A 5%
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The following materials show data from earlier in the COVID-19 pandemic:

The following materials are no longer being updated:

Data Interpretation Notes

  • Information in these charts is provisional and subject to change. Use care interpreting charts and tables. 
  • Total cases include: Outpatient, Hospitalized, Deceased, and Recovered individuals.
  • Confirmed cases: Individuals who have a PCR positive lab result for COVID-19.
  • Probable cases: Individuals with a positive rapid antigen test conducted in a healthcare setting and no confirmatory testing (PCR or nucleic acid test). A person may also be classified as a probable case if they are a close contact to a case and have symptoms consistent with COVID-19.  Individuals with a positive home antigen test who are symptomatic or linked to another positive case would also be a probable case of COVID (note that most home antigen tests are not reported to public health).
  • Students: College students living locally are included in Washtenaw County case counts. 

Additional Data