Lake Management

Lake management and improvement projects help control invasive and nuisance aquatic weeds. These projects help to enhance fisheries habitat, improve water quality, expand recreational opportunities and protect and increase property values.

Lake surface

Aquatic Plants

Aquatic plants are an important part of any lake or pond. They provide food and protection for fish, waterfowl, insects, mammals and microscopic animals. These plants also help replenish oxygen to the aquatic environment, critical for the survival of fish and other aquatic organisms.

However, aquatic plants can also become a nuisance. Invasive plants that are not native to Michigan can grow rapidly out of control, choking out other plants and organisms and reducing recreational options in the lake.

Starry Stonewort

Starry stonewort is one example of an invasive plant seen in Michigan waters. Click here to learn more about starry stonewort from the Huron River Watershed Council. 

Our Purpose

The Office of the Water Resources Commissioner's Public Works team, with support from the Board of Public Works under Public Act 185 of 1957, can help local communities conduct lake management and improvement projects to control aquatic plants, improving the health of the lake and providing a place for all to enjoy.