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2023 Prescription for Health

Participant Enrollment Materials

  1. Welcome Letter(Spanish Welcome Letter)
  2. Program Summary(Spanish Program Summary)
  3. Special Events Schedule(Spanish Special Events Schedule)
  4. June Newsletter(Spanish June Newsletter)
  5. Enrollment Activity(Spanish Enrollment Activity)
  6. June’s Goal Tracking Sheet and SMART Goal Tracking Handout(Spanish Goal Tracking Sheet and SMART Goal Tracking Handout)
  7. Grand Prize Drawing Flyer(Spanish Grand Prize Drawing Flyer)
  8. Pre-Program Survey(Spanish Pre-Program Survey)

2023 Enrollment Video

Participant Monthly Materials








Additional Materials


For recipes featuring everything from apples to winter squash, click here!


Here are some resources that we love. Hope you find them helpful!

  1. Cooksmarts' Guide to Flavoring with Spices
  2. Weekly Meal Plan & Pantry Checklist 
  3. A Rainbow of Health: What the Different Colors of Fruits and Veggies Mean to You
  4. Eat The Rainbow
  5. The Food Color Wheel
  6. Free Food Distributions
  7. Senior Resource Directory for Washtenaw County (this is a great resource for non-seniors, too!)
  8. Immune Supporting Tips
  9. Type 2 Diabetes at a Glance
  10. Michigan Produce Availability
  11. One Big Connection (this is a great resource for the 5 Healthy Towns Region!)

Special Events Videos from the 2020 Prescription for Health Program