Vaccine Sign Up

Last updated 3/1/21

Who is eligible to schedule a COVID-19 vaccine appointment?

As of 3/1/21, the following groups are eligible to schedule a vaccine:

  • Health care workers and long term care facility staff/residents (Phase 1A - all priorities/groups)
  • People 65 years old or older (Phase 1B Group A & Phase 1C Group A)
  • Some frontline essential workers with frequent or ongoing exposure as part of their work (Phase 1B Group B)
    • This includes first responders, police officers, jail and prison staff, pre-K-12 teachers, and childcare providers.
      • Note: Teachers and school staff under 50 years old can now submit a vaccine appointment request with us. We will continue working with local schools and districts to provide vaccine appointments.
  • Food processing and agricultural workers (these workers are included in Phase 1B Group C - they are the only workers within that category that are currently eligible)

Those not included in the groups above are not eligible for vaccination yet. Not sure what group you're in? See the state's prioritization guidance here.

If you are eligible, fill out this survey to request a vaccine appointment with the Health Department:

Español: Solicitud para Vacunación Individual

If you need phone support to request a vaccine appointment, please contact us at 734-544-6700.

If you have an organization that meets the 1B essential worker categories or the 1A health care worker categories, or if you are looking for help with a senior independent living facility, skilled nursing facility, or group home, fill out this organizational survey:

Frequently Asked Questions

See general COVID-19 FAQs here

I’m eligible, how do I get my vaccine?

Please fill out the above appointment request survey. We will contact you when a vaccine appointment becomes available.

School employees that work in another county but live in Washtenaw County: You can complete the individual request. Please also check with your school. We cannot say where you may be able to get the quickest appointment. 

Essential workers: Not all essential workers are included in the revised 1b groups now eligible. Please review the guidance (page 4, group b) before contacting us or requesting an appointment. The next group "c" still includes all the essential workers that were not moved up in the revised groups currently eligible. 

If I sign up for the appointment list, what happens next?

You will be put on a waiting list for vaccine appointments. Right now, demand for vaccine is significantly greater than supply. You will be contacted via email (or phone if needed) when we have vaccine appointments available and you will sign up to receive your first dose of vaccine.

The process has two steps: 1) complete the request, and 2) schedule an appointment when available. You may not get a scheduling link or appointment right away. Please be patient. ***When you do receive a link to schedule, please DO NOT share it with others. We are trying very hard to make sure available appointments are given to those highest on the state priorities. We are also working to improve the security of links. 

How long will I have to wait to get an appointment?

It's hard to know at this point. This will depend greatly on supply of vaccine, as demand is extremely high. Your scheduled appointment will likely be weeks away, depending on supplies & staffing capacity. It may be awhile before we contact you.

I signed up but haven’t heard anything.

Please be patient. We expect demand to exceed supply and appointments to fill quickly. We will continue to release appointments as soon as we can. It may take many weeks to work through those currently eligible. 

If I am a Michigan Medicine, Saint Joseph Mercy Health System, or IHA patient, can I get vaccinated through the Health Department?

You can sign up with us, yes. You should get vaccinated by whatever group contacts you with an appointment first. 

If I am an essential worker with Michigan Medicine or St. Joseph Mercy Health System, can I get vaccinated with the Health Department?

If you are a health care worker in 1A you should be able to get vaccinated through your employer. (If you are a 1A provider not affiliated with either system, please request vaccination through the Health Department, if you have not already done so. We are still vaccinating 1A eligible workers.)

Can I come to a clinic without an appointment to be on standby for vaccination?

No. No walk up vaccines are available. You will be turned away if you do not have an appointment. **Please note we are planning for any thawed and unused doses at the end of each clinic. No doses are being wasted. Do no show up to request an unused dose. There are none.

FAQs for childcare providers in Phase 1B Group B:

Should I sign up as an organization or ask our staff to sign up individually?

If you have several staff, it will be easiest to sign up as an organization. When you alerted that your staff may schedule appointments, your staff may opt in at that time. If you are a small staff, signing up individuals might be easiest for you. Either way, you’ll get in the system we use for contacting folks when it’s their turn.

I babysit/watch children on my own, but I'm not affiliated with a childcare center. Am I eligible for Phase 1B Group B as a childcare provider?

If you're an independent childcare provider who works at least 20 hours/week, yes, you can complete our appointment request survey.

Are childcare provider office staff eligible in 1B? 


Are custodial staff eligible (even if subcontracted)? 

Yes, if they work in the childcare setting they can be vaccinated in group 1B.

Are childcare workers who work less than 20 hours per week eligible?

Not at this time. 

How will I know when it’s our turn to schedule? 

If you have completed the organizational or individual form, WCHD will contact you by email when it’s your turn to schedule an appointment with us. 

Can our more vulnerable staff be vaccinated first? (for example: childcare workers 65+)

There will not be extra prioritization within the 1B group for childcare. (Older adults are also eligible as 1B so they may be called in by their health care system before they are called in by WCHD for 1B status. They should get the vaccine from whoever contacts them first.)

Can someone on FMLA get the vaccine? 

If they are employed in childcare then yes, they can get the vaccine. 

I’ve heard only childcare workers 50+ are eligible at this time. Is this true?

No. All childcare workers may get the vaccine. (K-12 staff are limited to 50+ right now just because the number of K-12 staff is great.)

Can we require our staff to get the vaccine?

  • WCHD does not recommend requiring the vaccine at this time. The vaccine is under emergency use authorization and this is a complicated area of law. It is not fully FDA approved. 
  • WCHD’s own staff are not to required to get the vaccine at this time. We strongly recommend staff to get it and actively share information about safety and efficacy. But staff are able to opt out. 

Will children be vaccinated?

Not yet. The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are only for adults (one is 16+ and the other is 18+). There are clinical trials underway for kids now but those vaccines are not available yet.