Telehealth services

Using telehealth

Those who are new to our services start by calling our 24/7 access line, 734-544-3050, for an assessment. Our call center staff will determine whether or not you are eligible for telehealth services. If you are eligible, our staff will send an email confirmation of your appointment. 

What you need for a video visit:

  1. A good internet connection.
  2. A smartphone, tablet, or computer. 
  3. A link to your provider's virtual waiting room (see list of providers below).  

What to do before your telehealth video appointment.

  1. If you will use a smartphone or tablet for your visit, download the Zoom app to your device. You do not need to create a Zoom account if you are using one of the preferred browsers (Chrome or Safari). Here are the instructions to download the Zoom app
  2. While cameras and headphones can be helpful (for face to face connections with your provider and for enhanced privacy), they are not required. If you plan to use either, install and test them well before your appointment to make sure they are  working properly. 
  3. Identify a quiet room or private space that feels safe and comfortable. You and your provider may discuss personal health information and you may want privacy and distance from others nearby. 
  4. If you are unfamliar with technology, try to have a trusted support person nearby for your first appointment. This could be a tech-savvy household member or friend. If you don’t have anyone to help you or run into technical problems, we will try to help. Call us at 734-544-3050.

What to do during your telehealth video appointment

  • Fifteen minutes before your appointment time, visit the virtual waiting room for your provider (see links below). When your provider is ready to start your appointment, he or she will confirm your identity, admit you from the waiting room, and begin the appointment. 
  • If you experience difficulty,, call us at 734-544-3050.
  • If the appointment is for a pediatric patient and the parents/legal guardians are in different places, but would like to join the appointment, alert your child’s provider at the start of the appointment. 

Each of our providers has a video waiting room - Click the appropriate link below