Vaccine Data: Who has been Vaccinated in Washtenaw?

This page will be updated monthly on the first Thursday of each month. Delays at the State of Michigan may cause updates to some parts of this page to be delayed. 

  • The information in these charts are provisional and subject to change. Use care interpreting. Percentages are rounded to the nearest whole numbers and may equal over 100%.
  • Data on this page that represent the total number of vaccines given to Washtenaw residents is obtained using the Michigan Care Improvement Registry (MCIR). Census data used for population demographics was obtained from the 2019 United States Census Bureau website for Washtenaw County, MI. Vaccines distributed through the VA health system are not included in the MCIR.
  • State and local data can also be found on the Michigan COVID-19 Vaccine Dashboard.
  • Information on vaccination rates among University of Michigan students, faculty and staff is available here.
Who in Washtenaw County has received at least one dose of vaccine
Census tract vax image for web

*PDF versions of current and previous vaccine census tract maps are available here.

Health Department Vaccination
as of 1/2/23


1st doses given


2nd doses given


3rd doses given


4th doses given


total doses given

Please note: data reported is preliminary

Tables with health department vaccinations by race/ethnicity, Hispanic/Latino ethnicity, and zip code have been archived and are no longer being updated. See the archived tables here.