Communication Releases

People v. Ryan Le-Nguyen

Our courts are committed to ensuring access to court records.  

Judges and magistrates make decisions only based on the information that is presented to them.

Here is what was available to the magistrate on June 7, 2021, at the time Mr. Le-Nguyen was arraigned and his bond was set:

People v. Ryan Le-Nguyen Law Enforcement Bond Information Form, Felony Complaint and Warrant Form

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When more information, or different information is presented, the court may change its orders accordingly.

Here are the motions filed by the Washtenaw County Prosecuting Attorney, and the response filed by Mr. Le-Nguyen's Attorney:

Emergency Motion to Revoke/Vacate Bond

Defendant's Response to the People's Emergency Motion to Revoke Bond

People's Motion for Immediate Consideration of Their Motion to Revoke Bond