Timeline on SafeHouse

September of 2021


  • County Administrator’s office begins providing regular SafeHouse updates to the Board of Commissioners regarding the service levels, facilities, and survivors
  • Washtenaw County begins to respond to the need for emergency shelter for eligible survivors who stated that were either displaced and/or declined housing at the SafeHouse location.  Due to the seriousness of the reports and the urgency of need, the County immediately provided sheltering and non-sheltering support for survivors. The SafeHouse intake process remains the entry point for support. 
  • Eligible survivors are connected to county departments and/ or community partner organizations for case management and other related services. 
  • Washtenaw County Facilities Department performs a comprehensive assessment of the SafeHouse facilities and creates a timeline and plan to address repairs and updates. 

October 2021 

  • County Administration begins receiving weekly service delivery updates from SafeHouse. These updates are included in the regular updates to the Board of Commissioners. 
  • The Board of Commissioners allocates $75,000 in direct, emergency funding to support these efforts. Support included emergency housing, gas assistance, medical expenses, car repairs, utility payments, food assistance and other supportive services for survivors who reached out after not accessing housing from SafeHouse. 
  • Facilities updates and repairs continue – including painting, landscaping, and kitchen. 


November 2021

  • On-going maintenance projects on the building and property. 
  • Administration continues to support eligible survivors who were unable to be accommodated at Safehouse. 
  • Emergency housing discontinued for the initial survivors who reached out. All survivors are connected to additional transitional housing and supportive resources. 


December 2021

  • On-going maintenance projects on the building and property. 


January 2022

  • Renovation of kitchen begins. Expected to take two to three weeks to complete. 
  • External camera installation is completed. 
  • Additional support provided to SafeHouse residents due to the extensive kitchen renovation.
  • Regular updates to Board of Commissioners on service levels, facilities and survivors continue.