Master Composter Class

Master Composter Certification Class

Become a certified master composter in Washtenaw County! Learn all about composting - from backyard composting, vermiculture (worms!), compost tea, and soils. Take a guided, technical tour of the Ann Arbor Municipal compost operation and receive a comprehensive binder of class and composting reference materials. A take home quiz is worked on collaboratively. Michigan Master Composter certification is available for students who pass the take-home exam and complete at least 10 volunteer hours in the community. 

The Master Composter Certification class is collaboratively organized by Project Grow, Washtenaw County and the Ann Arbor Public Schools (AAPS) Recreation and Education Program. Not sure if the class is right for you? View the 2019 class flyer 

2022 Compost Class Alternative

The official Washtenaw County Master Composter course will not be held in 2022, but the certification teachers have found an alternate online course that can be enrolled in at a group discount rate as a temporary replacement. Students who complete the course 

The Institute for Local Self Reliance (ILSR) Community Composting 101 Course is a self-paced, series of online video webinars including supplemental resources. The seven training modules typically run 25 to 35 minutes each and total 3.5 hours. To receive a certificate, students watch each video-based module, complete a 5-question multiple-choice quiz for each unit, and pass the final exam. 

As a special offer through 2022, a $50 group rate for the Community Composting 101 webinar series is available. If interested, please contact Nancy Stone at [email protected] and the Michigan Master Composters of Washtenaw County will sponsor your $50 discount application.

The Master Composter teachers plan to schedule an in-person session for interested students who complete the ILSR course in order to provide a local, hands-on outdoor composting experience and an opportunity to exchange project ideas. We hope to resume the in-person Michigan Master Composter training in the fall of 2023. If you’ve been eager to launch a community composting project or pilot, the ILSR training could be the missing step needed to build your great idea into a successful venture 

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