Human Services Partnership Timeline

There are three distinct funding rounds planned for 2022:
- Safety net services –This funding round is currently open (5-year grants)
- One- year mini-grants – intended to try out new ideas and/or work with newer agencies. This funding round is scheduled to open in the summer (1-year grants)
- High impact grants - Programs, systems, or initiatives providing new additive to current programming with high impact over time. This funding round is scheduled for the fall/winter of 2022. (5-year grants).

Human Services Partnership Timing*
Leadership Team Meeting #1January 26, 2022
Confirm equity framework for Human Services Partnership
Determine timing and parameters for funding rounds
Talk through details on safety net funding round for spring
Determine evaluator RFP review team
Finalize timing of approvals
Review overall timeline
Review draft communication to public
Communication to publicJanuary 28, 2022
Release Evaluator RFP January 30, 2022
Leadership Team Meeting #2February 2, 2022
Discuss funding strategy
Discuss outreach to other funding partners 
Discuss funding for evaluation
Leadership Team Meeting #3February 11, 2022
Finalize funding conversations
Determine if agencies can apply in more than one funding round
Discuss reviewer recruitment and training
Discuss MOU between partners and timing
County working session (5 p.m.)February 16, 2022
City Council update (7 p.m.)
February 21, 2022
Leadership Team Meeting #4 February 22, 2022
Review timing for safety net funding round
Confirm planning for Mini-grant (June)
Confirm timing for High Impact grant planning (Aug)
Provide follow-up communication to grantees

Finalize review committee recruitment/training/selection process

Review Committee Recruitment starts
February 28, 2022
Evaluator RFP closed
February 28, 2022
Evaluator RFP review and recommendationWeek of March 3, 2022
Update on evaluator selection to Leadership team
Evaluator support with RFP Equity review components 
Week of March 14, 2022
Safety net grant RFP releasedMarch 27, 2022
Review Committee SelectionsWeek of April 4, 2022 
Reviewer trainingWeek of April 18, 2022 
Safety net proposals due April 25, 2022
Review team review and recommendationsMay 2-6, 2022
Finalize recommendationsMay 13, 2022
Washtenaw County Board of Commissioner deadlineMay 13, 2022
City Council submission deadlineMay 18, 2022
Board of Commissioners meetingJune 1, 2022
City Council meetingJune 6, 2022
Approved contracts draft and routed for signaturesWeek of June 13, 2022 
Mini-grant funding round planning July 2022
Review and finalize framework 
Discuss outreach plan and application process to encourage accessibility
Review timing for mini-grant include training of review committee
Confirm and finalize funding level
Finalize communications
High Impact funding round planningSeptember 2022
Review and finalize framework
Discuss outreach plan 
Review timing for high-impact  include training of review committee
Confirm and finalize funding level
Finalize communications

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