Policy Action Teams

The Washtenaw County Food Policy Council (WFPC) has several Policy Action Teams (PAT) that meet regularly throughout the year to work on priority policy issues.  What’s a PAT? PATs were started to help the Washtenaw County Food Policy Council (WFPC) take action on projects and dive deeper into the work that needs to be done to move our policy agenda items forward. 

The WFPC has five different PATs to join! The PATs are open to the public and we are always looking for more people to join. Please choose one that sparks your interest and contact the group today! If the group you are interested in isn’t currently active, consider taking a leadership role to re-ignite that work!

Farmers PAT 

Description: The Farmers Policy Action Team is made up of farmers and non-farmers alike. We seek to create a voice for growers through influencing policy, reducing barriers, and increasing educational opportunities for local farmers.
Main Contact: Alex Canepa
Email: [email protected] 

Food Access & Nutrition PAT 

Description: The Food Access & Nutrition PAT was created to influence policy change and engage stakeholders so that everyone in Washtenaw County has access to the food they need for a healthy life.
Main Contact: Julius Buzzard
Email: [email protected] 

Food Waste & Packaging PAT 

Description: The Food Waste & Packaging PAT’s goal is to minimize food waste without compromising food safety, and to develop policy and educational campaigns around food waste prevention and food waste recovery systems from businesses, institutions, residents and agencies.
Main Contact: Ann Hubbard
Email: [email protected]

Planning & Zoning PAT 

Description: The Planning & Zoning Policy Action Team examines land use issues across the food system as they relate to zoning and planning ordinances and regulations. We aim to share and establish best practices and model ordinances and give planning expertise to community issues that arise.
Main Contact: Cynthia Price 
Emails: [email protected] 

Pollinators PAT

Description: The Pollinators Policy Action Team convenes to recommend and support the institutions within Washtenaw County take measures to preserve our essential pollinator populations.
Main Contact: This PAT is seeking new leadership. Consider leading this group! 
Email: [email protected]