Women's Nature Camp

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Saturday, September 16 -  Sunday, September 17, 2023

Independence Lake County Park

Registration Opens August 2023


Reach out to one of our naturalists

Elle Bogle (she/her)
[email protected]

Kelsey Dehring (she/her)
[email protected]

Hey grownups, ever wish you could attend nature camp again, like when you were a kid? Or maybe you didn’t get the chance to go as a kid and wish you could? Now you can! 

Our annual Women’s Nature Camp is a two-day event, and participants get experience all the joys of sleep away camp like when you were younger!

Activities include hiking, archery, kayaking, stargazing, crafts, amazing talks by guest speakers, and more! 

You’ll learn new skills, gain new hobbies, and feel empowered to experience the outdoors while in a supportive community. 

“Exceeded [my expectations], I had a great time solo, everyone is so friendly and not closed off in their own cliques it feels very welcoming even to me as a more shy person alone”

“This [experience] is something I will carry with me for a longtime.”

"I loved the sense of community and learning."

“It was a steal of a deal for the experience for sure!”

More Important Information

All participants have the option of camping on site or returning for the second day. If you are wanting to stay overnight but missing some camping gear, reach out and we may have something for you!

Lunches, breakfast, and snacks will be provided but please bring dinner items to cook on the campfire as well as all camping gear. 

We welcome participants of gender identities and expressions that feel a women’s program is the right space for them.  

For ages 21 and up. Program is limited to 30 campers. Cost is $50 per participant. 

For those that wish to attend but need financial assistance, reach out to us about scholarship opportunities. 


Interested in being a sponsor and donating? Please reach out to our naturalists for more information on how to help this event grow.