Vernal Pool Monitors


Frogs and fairies and salamanders, oh my! Dive into vernal pools and discover a surprising world that comes to life every spring.

As a Vernal Pool Monitor, you are our eyes and ears on vernal pools in Washtenaw county. Vernal pools sustain a fascinating diversity of life (from fairy shrimp to amphibians of all kinds), including many threatened and endangered species. You play an essential role in data collection and species identification. Your efforts grow knowledge of forests in Washtenaw County, and support statewide efforts to protect wetlands. 

Learn more by reviewing the position description below (or download the position description)

Application deadline: to guarantee consideration, please apply by March 7 each year.

TO APPLY: Contact the lead staff member below, or visit the Washtenaw Parks registration website.

QUESTIONS? Please contact:

Elle Bogle
Parks Naturalist
[email protected]

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2023 Status
Currently we are not looking for volunteers for this position. However, if you would like to be on a contact list for openings in the future, reach out to Elle.

Vernal Pools Monitor