Mental Health

Community Mental Health (CMH)

Mental health support is available! Anyone in Washtenaw County can call the CARES team 24/7 with any mental health questions or concerns at 734-544-3050. Go to the Community Mental Health website to learn more about their resources and available services. 

Wish You Knew Mental Health Campaign

Driven by community conversations, the Wish You Knew Washtenaw campaign aims to spark honest and supportive conversations about mental health between youth and adults. We hope that if we can share our truth with trusted people in our life, we can begin to heal. 

Go to the Wish You Knew page to see campaign materials and more tools, like their list of Local Mental Health Resources.

Local Suicide Data

The Washtenaw County Health Department, Washtenaw County Community Mental Health, and other community agencies and partners are working together to monitor and address both suicide attempts and completions with the goal of reversing this trend in Washtenaw County. Go to the Suicide Data page to see local trends and prevention resources.

Washtenaw Alive

Washtenaw Alive is the suicide prevention planning collaborative of Washtenaw County. Learn more on the Washtenaw Alive page.

Have any mental health questions or needs? Call 734-544-3050 for the Washtenaw County CARES team. 

If you feel suicidal, call 988, text 988, or visit for the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline. You can also text HELLO to 741741 for the Crisis Text Line.

If you’re in immediate danger, call 911.